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What is RMP?

We provide Preventative Maintenance Programs that help identify and report potential exposures to one your most valuable assets, your home. Refine will complete a visual examination that identifies any potential issues that may need to be further evaluated or remedied.

The Refine Maintenance Program (RMP) is a comprehensive home assessment and refurbishment program developed for both the responsible primary homeowner and the seasoned real-estate investor.


The RMP focuses on the often overlooked exterior envelope of your Home to identify and report potential exposures to your most valuable asset. With experience as a licensed General Contractor, Roofing Contractor, and Real Estate Inspector, Refine provides a thorough top-down assessment of your Homes exterior envelope to include the surrounding property and ancillary amenities. This assessment will report on best home-care practices and identify exposures. Some of the things we assess on your Home include stucco, siding, paint, brick and brick veneer, roof-systems, window assemblies, driveways, siding, and more.


As a licensed General Contractor, Refine also offers to resolve the potential exposures to your Real Estate Investment. In an effort of complete stewardship and white glove service to our clients your assessment will also include a detailed estimate to resolve any identified opportunity for improvement or refurbishment concerning your Homes exterior.


The RMP membership is offered in tiers to accommodate all levels of the real-estate market.


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